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United Talents is building out a network of volunteers, researchers, and professionals from around the world in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, business, and arts, using various media outlets to provide access to the global economy and enhance the lives of the Latin community.  

Our goal is to provide a: 

  • Coaching & Teaching pipeline that provides subject matter expertise across STEM industries with access to industry technologies and certificates. 

  • Mentoring program to develop a bridge between undergraduate students and professionals with industry experience of interest.  

  • Global Talent Network allowing people to stay up to date with employment trends and new job opportunities. 

  • Consulting opportunity by upgrading your skills needed to reach your career goals. 


We do this by:  

  • Partnering with educational institutions and associations. 

  • Partnering with government and private-sector corporations. 

  • Presenting at engagements, events, and webinars.

  • Integrating with news portals and digital broadcast channels.    


United Talents mission was developed based on the recognition that it is difficult to advance without multiple sources of support. If this program supports the growth of the Latin community, it has accomplished its goal.  

United Talents